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JUN 23 - SEPT 21 2021

Opening the second edition of the annual exhibition at Casavells in northeast Catalonia, Side Gallery's summer show feature's new designers including Andrés Izquierdo, Boris de Beijer, Donghoon Sohn, Marjan Van Aubel, Nebil Zanman, and Youngmin Kang. Deviating from conventional typology, in continuation with last season’s theme, the works presented serve as a reference; a reference to envision the future with an efficacious foresight, rather than wallowing in the nostalgia of memories from the recent past. Experimentation, abstraction, and audacity explore our true future in all of its facets. A new vision for the post-pandemic world.

This new edition invites international artists and designers to reflect on this realisation of not ‘going back’, allowing their processes to be informed by a vision for a new future. The works presented enhance the design landscape and envision a new dialogue where the attribution of the term ‘design’ is not exclusive to formal ideals. Encompassing cutting-edge design tendencies, revolutionary innovations, insights, and most importantly pushing boundaries.

Exploring this theme with sombre introspection designer and artist Andrés Izquierdo works with layers of paraffin. His new body of work titled after the thick wax coating forms solid and functional structures addressing ubiquitous themes such as memory, forgiveness, death, decay, and transformation. 'Paraffins' emerges out of symbolic and ritualistic significance whilst the entropic and corrosive quality of the melted material counterweights this depiction of the series as fantastic portals to an unknown future by emphasising notions of toxicity, invasion, and devastation. By exploring this narrative Izquierdo brings forward spiritual and metaphysical questions pondering the nature of notions such as faith, guilt, time, violence, and awareness.

In this speculative future designer Youngmin Kang of 1S1T addresses environmental indifference. As a member of the Seoul-based collective 1S1T, Kang is changing people’s perception of garbage. The collective sees recycling as an essential action to protect the environment and within this scope Kang’s approach emerges. Through the use of recycled plastics Kang demonstrate a radical transformation of something generally regarded as undesirable, into something of practical value. Glass bottles, plastic bags and other waste that would end up filling landfills or populating the ocean become a form of sustainable design that emphasises the degradation of the planet.

Continuing in the trajectory Marjan Van Aubel, an award wining solar designer brings solar energy into everyday objects. Ra is Marjan van Aubel’s latest solar designs and transforms solar energy into a form of art. Its vibrant coloured solar cells capture sunlight, harvest it locally and make the integrated light shine in the evening. Ra is using the latest technology to transform solar, usually seen as something technical, into beauty and poetry. Just as stained glass windows in churches used to tell stories of the past, this series tells the story of our future. It will be a post-fossil future where we turn to the power of the sun - our infinite energy source that powers all life on earth. It is a story of hope, where we will look up to the sky instead of digging down into the ground.
Also embracing novel technological processes Nebil Zaman fuses digital fabrication with the organic articulation of acrylic plaster. His latest series produced for Side Gallery emphasise the materiality of plaster, it provides a sense of freedom in loosing control of the final outcome. While there is extreme precision in the digital fabrication techniques to create the armature the addition of plaster to the process provides an organic element of expression and randomness.