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Boris de Beijer was originally trained as a jewelry designer at the Rietveld Academie in 2011. Since graduating he has developed his practice in a multidisciplinary manner, without conforming to the boundaries of a specific discipline, instead moving freely between sculpture and applied arts.

Craft techniques have always been central to his practice. He combines these traditional skills with more unconventional methods, causing imminent surprises that mislead the spectators. In his work form and function have an ambivalent status, often provoking questions regarding hierarchical structures within the contemporary art and design discourse.
Since his graduation in 2011, Boris almost exclusively focused on working with synthetic, and non-traditional materials. He has managed to develop his very own visual language within his field. Comparable to the peculiar processes of the ancient alchemy’s, he transforms relatively cheap and common resources, into new substances reminiscent of higher valued materials, such as glass, minerals and metals. This way of working adds to the alienating otherworldly sensation his work tends to provoke. 

In 2020 Boris came to a turning point in his career in which he began to investigate different, and more traditional materials. Working closely with expert glassblowers from Amsterdam he has begun working on a new series of glassware made exclusively for Side Gallery.
Boris has shown his work in both national and international galleries as well as cultural institutions, and has been included in various national collections such as Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, The Coda Museum, and the MAD Museum in New York.