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Publisher: Side Gallery, Opelvillen Rüsselsheim
Edited By: Beate Kemfert
Printer: Sesc
Building: Softback
Dimensions: 16 x 23 cm
Language: English
Pages: 96

Side Gallery collaborated with Art and Culture Foundation Opelvillen Rüsselsheim on its new publication "Geraldo de Barros: Unilabor. Möbel und Fotografien". The book is an extension of the Geraldo de Barros exhibition at Opvelvillen Rüsselsheim held in September 2019, and is accompanied by texts written by Beate Kemfert, curator of the exhibition.

De Barros started his career in the painting field, although he gained his greatest achievements in the experimental photography and furniture design, becoming one of the pioneers of the photographic abstraction and the main references of Concretism art in the Brazilian Avant-garde. De Barros was a seeker idealism and founded the intellectual collective project of UNILABOR, all paradigms and values where to applied to his designs and esthetic values with the context of this collective project. 

This utopian venture materialized in the periphery of Sao Paulo where a community of artists, workers and intellectuals, were reunited by the fray Joao Batista Pereira and Gerlaldo De Barros. The purpose of this self-managed-working community, was to create a new model of a factory, were the workers had the control of the factory and the main role on it. Based on the education of the workers, the implementation of cultural actions during the working hours and, thanks to De barros, who added the aesthetic vision and design to release this project. Economy and Humanism were the roots of the movement.