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Authors: Guillermo Santomà, Raquel Quevedo, Jara Varela
Edited By: Terranova
Building: Softback
Dimensions: 245 x 345 mm
Language: Spanish
Pages: 84

In the summer of 2020, when the pandemic restrictions eased a little, architect Guillermo Santomà and Raquel Quevedo went to spend a few days in the woods, setting up a small base camp and cabin made of plastic and lace. They would stay for over fifty days.

This book shows pictures taken by photographer Jara Varela during a few visits, together with some extra images by Quevedo and Santomà. The goal was to document the ephemeral architecture, with its constant adaptation and mutability, rather than the experience of living in the wild for so many days.

The book contains a short essay by Guillermo Santomà that is almost a personal manifesto, a statement about his current approach to the architectural practice, mixing in a rather lunatic approach themes like landscape and capitalism, mineral matter and living organisms, human fragility and the whole cosmic existence.