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MADRID, 2019

Publisher: Side Gallery, Etage Projects
Edited By: Caniche Editorial
Printer: Estudios Durero
Building: Softback
Dimensions: 24 x 31
Language: English
Pages: 84

Barcelona based Gulliermo Santomà took Madrid by storm when he decorated the Baroque Museum Cerralbo with his elaborate contemporary design. Conceptualizing his work with an ideal to construct from the deconstructed Santomà shakes and deforms objects and materials turning them into sculptured design pieces. Encompassing design, architecture performance and scenography. The radical language of Guillermo’s contemporary design colonized the classical museum provoking a new and interactive narrative with the museum’s permanent collection. This book was written and produced in conjunction with the exhibition.

The volume written Santomà himself explains how he conceived the exhibition not from the traditional perspective but as “a performance that goes beyond its usual understating, resulting in something scenographic, more like a story rather than a dead object”. The designer explains the importance of his view of the museum a complete piece rather than a house of many separate rooms, “I understand it as a unique piece, as an architectonic work or sculpture, and even as photography”. As a result, the exhibition was about the merging and unity of his objects and there interaction the museum as a whole.