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Colored Glasses
From the series "Coupes de Pompadour" Series 1.
Manufactured by Boris de Beijer
Produced in exclusive for Side Gallery
Amsterdam, 2020
Limited Edition
Blown Glass

Available in different sizes

After working with resin and other more contemporary materials, Boris de Beijer's transition to glass was the result of an ongoing desire to work with more traditional materials, materials that have been around for a Millennia, and we hope, have a place in our humanities future. Many contemporary materials, though malleable and easily manipulated are not sustainable, they lack longevity. Glass however, though fragile, is stable and durable. De Beijer envisages working with a material of higher permanence will allow his designs to be admired in the far off future, a future to which his elaborate designs belong.

Maneuvering freely between disciplines, sometimes tending towards sculpture, other times towards applied design, Boris's work normally questions the hierarchical structures that exist within various autonomous and applied disciplines. The Dutch designer’s first glass collection “Coupes de Pompadour”, is his first purely utilitarian series of works. However, always believing form and function to be ambivalent, unsurprisingly he has applied his own ritualistic working method to glass blowing, seeing himself as the conductor of an orchestra of liquid glass, full of color and surprising applications.

Designer image

Boris de Beijer trained as a jewelry designer at the Rietveld Academie in 2011. Since graduating, he has developed his practice in a multidisciplinary manner, without conforming to the boundaries of a specific discipline. Instead, he moves freely between sculpture and applied arts.

Craft techniques have always been central to his practice. He combines these traditional skills with more non-conventional methods, causing imminent surprises that mislead the spectators. His work's form and function are ambivalent, often provoking questions of hierarchical structures in contemporary art and design discourse.

Since his graduation in 2011, Boris has almost exclusively focused on working with synthetic and non-traditional materials. He has managed to develop his very own visual language within his field. Comparable to the peculiar processes of ancient alchemy, he transforms relatively cheap and common resources into new substances reminiscent of higher valued materials, such as glass, minerals, and metals. This way of working adds to the alienating otherworldly sensation his work tends to provoke. 

In 2020 Boris came to a turning point in his career in which he began to investigate different and more traditional materials. Working closely with expert glassblowers from Amsterdam, he has started working on a new series of glassware made exclusively for Side Gallery. Boris has displayed his work in national and international galleries and cultural institutions. He has been included in various national collections such as Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, The Coda Museum, and the MAD Museum in New York.