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MADRID, 2018

Publisher: Diseño Editorial
Edited By: Yolanda Cónsul Pascual
Building: Softback
Language: Spanish
Pages: 144

Miguel Fisac, the architect of concrete, of the great works, what does he do when faced with domestic architecture? And when you design your own house, do you experiment? Consolidate? Does your concept of architecture have a place when the family enters the debate? How far does the teacher's involvement in design go? These and many other questions were what led to the development of an investigation around a series on the Masters of Spanish Architecture that culminated in a doctoral thesis read at the Higher Technical School of Architecture in Madrid in February 2015 and from which we have extracted this book, referring to Miguel Fisac's house on Cerro del Aire in Madrid (Spain). Perhaps the publications have turned more attention to the most institutional, most public work of the master, leaving aside the research and evolution in the single-family housing projects that Miguel Fisac ​​professionally developed. The Cerro del Aire house has sparked a discreet interest in the architect's work and there has rarely been talk of that "humanized air" that for Fisac ​​was architecture taking his own house as the axis of the discourse. From this book we want to talk about the interior, protected space, the architecture that welcomes and allows the development of family life beyond the walls that define the house.