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Publisher: Santa & Cole
Edited By: Ediciones UPC
Building: Softback
Language: English / Spanish
Pages: 163

Miguel Milá (1931,) winner of the Spanish National Design Prize in 1987, is one of the country's undeniable masters of industrial design. A member of a generation of pioneers from the decade of the 1950s, he helped lay the foundations of this discipline through the creation of furniture and lamps that have become true design classics. The pieces were pioneers of the Modern Movement, they recreate the poetry of the simple object and respond to the need to create with rigor and honesty at all times. Through Milá's work, José Corredor-Matheos recounts with sensitive accuracy the bold adventure of the launching of industrial design in Spain. The text praises and explores, one of Miguel Milá finest virtues: the ability to reach a perfect balance in a seriously imperfect setting, achieving precision and lucidity. Thus, words and images are a varied without gaps, revealing this great master's enormous contribution, to which subsequent generations are indebted.