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Extra Large Shelf
From the series “The Metamorphosis”
Manufactured by Tadeas Podracky
Produced in exclusive for Side Gallery
Prague, 2021
Mixed media, plastic, wood, textile, foam

127 cm x 35 cm x 66h cm
50 in x 13,8 in x 26h in

Unique Piece

The Metamorphosis collection seeks to enhance the emotional bond to our surrounding environment. During the Coronavirus outbreak Podracký returned to Prague his home town and spent a couple of months in a quarantine in his studio there. Access to materials was minimal but he turned this handicap into a research opportunity and started to work only with material found around the studio or that were easy to access, such as wood, textiles, trash such as old car parts, old ceramic pieces or broken glass sheets. Tadeáš realized that these materials had a certain authenticity and so began reevaluating the way he approached the materiality, challenging himself to dis-acknowledge deeply rooted principles of formal design, interrupting established practices of conventional construction methods. The designer was seeking the authenticity of expression and changed his design methodology based on the intuitive use of materials and emotional decisions regarding structure, shape and the construction process. The aim was to let the object grow through his hands by gluing and combining different elements, reminiscent of the process of a bird weaving its nest. This approach allowed him complete freedom, resulting in an unpredictable outcome depending only on authentic personal expression.
To reveal the materials' character, his methodology "Creating through Destroying" consequently came to light. His understanding of destruction is defined as an infinite loop, destruction and creation a single entity that continually renews itself. Working with glass for over ten years taught Podracký that destruction has become a craft by repetitive usage with clearly defined limits. But sometimes, when the limits are accidentally exceeded, it leads to a better understanding of the material which can even improve the technique. He has researched this point of uncontrolled destroying in order to discover the new perspectives of materiality. In the Metamorphosis of Gerrit Rietveld's iconic chair he worked with handicraft techniques that cannot be entirely under control such as the pouring of colors and plastics, cutting and grinding with a chain saw or another tools, using the offcuts and sawdust as building material. The goal was to reach the unpredictability; not designing the object's appearance at first or working with sketches, instead the process was controlled by quick decisions and a reactions to the material and object itself. It could be read as an iconoclasm or a critique on modernism, which is undoubtedly partially true, but the aim was to create a dialog between Podracký as a designer himself and the modernist icon.

Designer image

Tadeas Podracky (b. 1989, Czech Republic) is an experimental designer who seeks authenticity in our immediate surroundings. Through material research, questioning craft heritage, and a hands-on approach, Podracky proposes a new methodology. He uses a reformulated approach to design, based on exploring expression, destruction, and accepting individuality.

Whether it is an object or space, he is always looking for a way to break down the established principles of "good" design to bring new possibilities and emphasize the multi-layered identities of the contemporary individual.

Tadeas Podracky went through the design and fine art academic training. He received an MA at the Academy of Art Architecture and Design in Prague; completed study internships in the Fine Art studio at the School of Visual Arts (New York) and in the Monumental Sculpture studio at the Academy of Fine Arts (Prague). After independent practice, he completed an MA in Contextual Design from the Design Academy Eindhoven.

His work won the AD design award and CGD award and has been internationally exhibited, notably Design Miami Basel, FOG San Francisco, Maison et Objet Paris, Mudac museum Lausanne, Designblok Prague, Salone del Mobile Milano, London Design Festival, Dutch Design Week. Podracky was invited as a guest designer to several design residencies, Design Biennial (Venice), Fellowship in Creative Glass Center of America at WheatonArts (USA), and Yuhang Rong Design Library (China).



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