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MAR 25 2019 - JUL 25 2019

Turn me on…NOW was an example of a contemporary design project in which Side Gallery invited international designers to re-think design and handcraft traditions. The show proposed a dialogue between two centuries to develop limited-edition works, commissioned and produced exclusively for the gallery. The exhibition approached to a new generation of designers born after 1980 in order to promote and explore the new sensations of the design world with a special focus on the investigation of materials, forms and the technicalities. The spring/summer show displayed works from a group of designers who aimed to push the boundaries with their material experimentation.

A new series of translucent cast resin Floor lamps by Sabine Marcelis were presented at exhibition. The totem series will be exclusively available through Side Gallery. The neon and resin lights were a three-dimensional evolution of her past explorations of the interaction between light and cast resins. The new conception is a build up of several stacked translucent resin columns which are slightly rotated on a central axis. There is a carved-out void where the neon light is inserted which allows for a multifaceted play between the twisted planes of high polished resin and light reflections.

"Promote and explore the new sensations of the design world with a special focus on the investigation of materials, forms and the technicalities"

Discovering structural materials of a more organic state Marcin Rusak as the son and grandson of flower growers has long been fascinated with natural sources of inspiration. Incorporating this inspiration into his creative process he reused waste to investigate new decorative elements within everyday objects which led to a rich body of work ranging from research and storytelling to cultural criticism around consumption and future scenarios which seemingly projects into the structural and material forms of the tamed series, shown at the exhibition.

The show also featured works by the Guillermo Santomà a Catalan architect and designer who’s ideal to construct is to deconstruct is ever present in his designs. Moreover, intricate ceramics were on show by Bente Skottgaard, as well as pieces by Muller Van Severen, Sam Jacob and others.

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