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FEB 05 2019 - MAR 24 2019

Santomà conceived the exhibition not from the traditional perspective but as “a performance that goes beyond its usual understating, resulting in something scenographic, more like a story rather than a dead object”. The designer explained the importance of his view of the museum a complete piece rather than a house of many separate rooms, “I understand it as a unique piece, as an architectonic work or sculpture, and even as photography”. As a result, the exhibition was about the merging and unity of his objects and their interaction with the museum as a whole.

The Cerralbo Museum and the work of Santomà although of striking difference, beneath the initial perspective, have a shared style. “It gives me peace of mind to know that the museum is more baroque than I. It has a familiar language. I feel conceptually part of the Cerralbo´s Marquis and his idea of collecting: a gathering of things giving birth to a new space.” The matter of time plays a key role here as well, the designer connects past with present; the XIX century is still alive in the XXI century. “we are part of this historic line, we have a past and we must continue it”, he states. Time for Santomà is not chronologic but intertwined, he uses the contemporary to connect the past and the future.

"A performance that goes beyond its usual understating, resulting in something scenographic, more like a story rather than a dead object”

The Cerralbo Museum encompasses sculpture, painting, and decorative art, as well as architecture. To include Guillermo Santomà´s pieces, was a chance to dilute limitations between disciplines flagged by fixed ideas, concepts and time. During the exhibition everything was alive. Selected pieces for the exhibition were designed in an architectural way. They were born from words rather than sketches. Each piece had been thought of for a special location within the rooms of the museum, and even conceived ad hoc for a specific space in the palace. Concepts as ensemble and patchwork are part of the creative natural process and have given place to object mutations. The designer took power over everything that crossed his path. “Any product that exists is already a material to work with and to create.” Plastic, aluminum or foam, were decontextualized and reinterpreted to become something new, contrasting with the museum´s rich opulence, turning itself into the negative of existence, and contributing to a comprehension of the whole.


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