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GYUHAN LEE (1996-)

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Gyuhan Lee (1996, Seoul) began his formation at Kaywon University of Art and Design, where he specialised in Living Design, questioning the role of the waste that everyday actions carry with them, a question that will give rise to interesting design proposals, where he has forged a personal line.

His first series "On My Seat" transformed Nike boxes into pieces of furniture, intermingling mass production, the waste of the product of which he was a consumer, in pieces close to craftsmanship, where accumulation gave rise to new forms of furniture, putting comfort, utility and consumism in the spotlight. The design of the new pieces was also questioned from an aesthetic point of view, rethinking dynamism through the use of the symbol, as a pattern that would end up setting a rhythm, both chromatically and formally, when intertwined in the final design.

This can be seen again in the design of lamps, which were recognised with the 2015 Red Dot Design Award. His work has been featured in relevant design media such as Wallpaper Magazine and Design Milk.

In the series ; his purpose was to create light sculptures through a recycling process, in which Hanji paper, a traditional Korean paper, would create different surfaces in which the dynamism of the icon and its use would be detached from the unique meaning implicit in the logo, creating patterns of new meanings.
Now this collection and investigation of the role of the designer, craftsman and consumism, expands in Side Gallery, with the production of exclusive lamps, as part of the group exhibition "Global Tools".