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DEC 5TH 2023 - DEC 10TH 2023

For this new Design Miami edition, Side Gallery is thrilled to participate in showing a global vision of what contemporary design is nowadays by exhibiting contemporary designers the gallery has worked with since the beginning. The booth’s core themes integrate and represent the multiple designers’ facets.
On this line, we are showing ‘Open Code’, a domino table by Mac Collins, a British Caribbean designer whose work reflects on the strong roots in Jamaican culture of the domino game and intends to confront the legacy of slavery. Sustainability is a central theme which arises in the presented works. Gyuhan Lee’s “McDonald’s paper bag lamps” are recycled paper bags converted into lights. In this process, “waste” is transformed into “sculpture”; logo, colour and surface are also questioned.

The booth represents the gallery’s past years’ work, reflecting on integration, international representation and sustainability. Considering this idea, Side Gallery asked eleven young international designers to rethink those ideas and give a contemporary meaning and new vision.

The result is a selection that includes seminal works by Sam Chermayeff, Mac Collins, Fango Studio, Charlotte Kingsnorth, Gyuhan Lee, Sabine Marcelis, Tadeas Podracky, Lukas Saint Joigny, Guillermo Santomà and Nick Weddell, being all these works limited editions of unique pieces. Fango’s works from the Ibuju collection are known to investigate sustainable design. This series stems from concern over the indiscriminate logging and overuse of the native woods from the endangered green lung of Earth, the Amazon, a jungle increasingly fading from the world. In between female designers, we are particularly excited to showcase the new armchair from The Hi!breed collection by Charlotte Kingsnorth, which explores the personification of old chair frames with a sense of a life before. Kingsnorth finds inspiration in working with chairs that have been abandoned or need repair.

To celebrate and reflect on the juxtaposition of natural versus manufactured, two beautiful works from the new Stacked collection by Sabine Marcelis, a coffee table and console made in Sunrise Delight onyx and single-cast resin, will be featured in the exhibition. Each object is to be discovered three-dimensionally and exists without direction, making them very flexible in their use.