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TEXAS, 1990

Publisher: University of Texas Press
Building: Hardback
Dimensions: 31.12 x 2.54 x 30.48 cm
Language: English
Pages: 171

The cool, assured International Style of Mexican architect Legoretta is warmed by his country's aesthetic language, from the imposing scale of pre-Columbus structures to the elegance of colonial mansions to the insouciance of villages. Rugged texture, unusual angling and unexpected pcokets of colour give his structures their evocative, emotional appeal. His work encompassed corporate headquarters and factories as well as hotels and private residences which are all presented in this volume. Two hundred colour photographs and an assortment of line drawings and black-and white photos demonstrate the life’s work of this innovative architect. Separate chapters use Legoretta's own words to discuss the importance of light, color, walls, courtyards, scale, water, humor and social conscience. He discusse the emphasis he gives to walls: as screens, ornaments, gateways and backgrounds for murals; to delineate spaces and separate functions, to insure privacy and provoke a sense of mystery. As outlined in this impressive book, Legoretta's fresh and painterly architecture is animated by his own words: "discover what purpose is to be served and serve it with heart."