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Vase model "Tamu"
From the series "Core Vessels"
Manufactured by Willem van Hooff
Holland, 2021
Earthenware, glazed

23 cm width x 29 cm height
9 in x 11,4 in height

Inspired by African vessels, Willem immediately noticed their diversity of shapes and techniques, each tribe with their own individual methods and identity. On reflection, the Dutch designer began to borrow from these African tribes, starting his own design process, reinventing the ancient materials. Experimenting with simple architectural techniques, the construction process developed into a horizontal building method, leading to new language of flat ceramic forms. This new language was then translated to the original source of inspiration, “the vase”. A vase has a simple function, to carry. The weight of these vases are important for their balance. The openings are central, allowing the volume to become the counterweight, balancing the vases.

Designer image

Willem van Hooff (b. 1992,Holland) sees himself as a 2021 variant of the former craftsman. After graduating from the Design Academy in Eindhoven in 2018, he began to run his own design studio continuing to live and work in Eindhoven. Working with his hands, or by means of primitive techniques his style is raw. Often revisiting old or existing products, machines and techniques with a naive perspective, he rescues the past, creating new and exciting applications giving the materials or processes a new future.

At odds with the apparent perfection of mass production, Van Hooff concludes that products no longer have a soul, an aspect to his work he perceives as essential. Amid the current corona virus, the modern craftsman believes new feelings have a arisen, the intimacy of the pandemic has shone a new light on the small things in life, and the value of their soul.