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Encapsulating “Infinito Viviente”, Side Gallery is delighted to share a short video, presenting Elissa Lacoste’s first solo exhibition. Feeling life stirring on all sides, floating tables embody forms of living species, floor and table lamps emulate sedimentary rocks with colorful and shimmering textures, the collection alludes to the vibrant atmosphere of a speculative and immersive underwater landscape.

Over the past five years, Lacoste has been honing her own set of skills and techniques with the unraveling of an ever-growing material library which has resulted in a signature artisanal craft. Her sculptural practice and making of objects is an ongoing conversation with improvisational assemblages of unruly potential, all while embracing her creative force by taking matters into her own hand, and making the process and the final outcome as experiential as experimental.

This new body of over 21 functional sculptures for her first solo show unfolds like an expanding never before seen seascape of floating, hovering and grounded elements in an inviting game of pareidolia.

Lacoste’s work considers the gathering of materials and their assemblage and interplay as a celebratory act of defying prediction and conjuring mutating synthetic topographies and rebellious biomes within contemporary boundaries. Just as Jules Verne describes the sea, ‘you feel life stirring on all sides’, Elissa’s collection alludes to the diversity that was or could be, with materials flowing free from tyranny.

The exhibition is on view at Side Gallery, Barcelona until 14th Feburary 2023.

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Elissa Lacoste (b. 1994, France) is an experimental designer who lives and works in Burgundy, France. She studied at Ecole Supérieure d’Art et Design Saint-Etienne and Latvian Art Academy in Riga. She obtained her MA at Design Academy Eindhoven in 2018 in the Netherlands.

Hands-on and instinctive, her work stems from her quest for the wild, the inexplicable and the sensorial within contemporary boundaries. Unconventionally textured and vibrant, her sculptural pieces linger between the real and the surreal while maintaining a hint of functionality. In her work, she evokes an otherness to reflect upon our relationship to our physical environment, be it anthropogenic or natural.

Her organic forms often provoke a cognitive dissonance like her monolithic stone-like silicone pieces.
Fascinated by material abilities and not bounded to a specific material, she looks into various techniques but prefers to experiment intuitively, without resorting to traditional craft knowledge as a first step.

In this way she favors serendipity and encounters surprising results that she develops into her own techniques and methods of shaping matter and creating objects.