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Wall Object 1 from "Patchworked Texture Series"
Manufactured by Seung Hyun Lee.
Seoul, 2023.
Copper, natural lacquer, (Ottchil).

40 x 4,5 x 28h cm
15,8 x 1,8 x 11,1h in

Unique piece.

Global Tools, 11th May - 14th July 2023, Side Gallery, Barcelona

Seung Hyun Lee's work and its two common technical features - texture and patchwork - begin with pattern creation: stamping individual marks on the surface of a metal plate one by one, with a self-conceived bespoke texture hammer. Metal plates stamped with these various patterns are patchworked together with her unique welding method, which is joined by bending the seam outwards.
Her work method, designed to record and show the artist's process based on craft expertise, stems from contemplating the new role and potential that traditional metal craft skills can exhibit in contemporary design. Rather than using their features simply as an aesthetic accoutrement, the designer’s pieces delve into the concepts of fine art and craft design thanks to her interdisciplinary research into the properties of materials and their textures.

Artist Seung Hyun Lee (b. Seoul, 1981) creates objects and sculptures throught metal craft techniques. The main focus of her work is texture and patchwork, which she obtains through a very precise working method. Seung Hyun Lee received her BFA and MFA degrees from Seoul National University in Korea, completing a Metal Crafts major while attending the Faculty of Design. In 2014, she studied at Tokyo University of the Arts Graduate School in Japan, gaining a DFA degree while majoring in Crafts (Metal Hammering).
The Korean designer has also experimented with practical objects such as tableware and vases, creating design elements that play a helpful role for both function and structure. The results of her practice can be glimpsed through the themes of her five solo exhibitions ('The Way to Make Objects', 'Harmonious Objects', and 'Patchworked Texture') held in Korea and Japan since 2014.
Seung Hyun Lee was selected as a Collect Open artist for the Collect Fair (London, UK) in 2017, subsequently exhibiting, and participating in successive Collect Fairs (2019 and 2020). She is currently expanding her range of activities both domestically and internationally, having been invited to exhibitions such as the 19th Silver Triennial (Hanau, Germany) in 2019, International Hammerclub (Schoonhoven, Netherlands) in 2020, and Seoul Craft Museum Opening Exhibition (Seoul, Korea) in 2022.



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