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Chair model "Beautiful Bouncer"
From the "Kiki Beach Club" series
Manufactured by Oliver Sundqvist and Frederik Nystrup Larsen
Copenhagen (Denmark), 2019
Fiber glass, Acrylic, Lacquer

90 cm x 60 cm x 53 cm
35 2/5 in x 23 3/5 in x 20 9/10 in

Unique piece

Designer image

The creative duo of Frederik Nystrup-Larsen (b.1992 Copenhagen) and Oliver Sundqvist (b.1991 Copenhagen) has proven to be a partnership that continuously questions the current state of contemporary art. Working on the boundary of art and design, the pair have reinterpreted the processes of consumerism, illustrating critique on overconsumption and poor manufacturing.

Intellectually and physically dependent on regular variation and change'Mater’, (meaning mother in Latin), the first collective project between Oliver and Frederik, was a vase originally created as a Christmas present for their mother. The vase was used for the interiors of Norma, a Copenhagen restaurant that is often referred to as the best restaurant in the world. Since ‘Mater’, the duo have continued focusing on creating unique and collectible objects, with a central focus on longevity. The pair seek to ignite a feeling of responsibility in people, through the creations of thoughtful and sustainable pieces. A lot of their work questions the surrounding world, inspired by characters who challenge established understandings of and structures within this world, the duo look towards multiple disciplines to fuel their creativity.

Equally as original as their final products, is their method. Triggered by beauty and decay, their creative process is split into phases, - initially, they spend a lot of time reflecting, not stressing about it. Being slow, taking actions that do not related to the project or practice. The following phase; the physical execution of the idea, is built on intuition and (often an unhealthy) tempo. Stress is welcome as we work like machines, brains left aside.

The designers split their time between Copenhagen and London and have exhibited at Art Basel, as well as at two solo shows before they had even finished school. The pair are currently working as NIKO JUNE , focusing on creating collectible objects for retailers, with suitability at the core of their designs.