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Solar Window Poster
From “Ra" series
Manufactured by Marjan van Aubel
Produced for Side Gallery
Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2021
Organic photovoltaics, PET, electroluminescent paper

70 cm x 70h cm
27,55 in x 27,55h in

Unique piece

Ra is Marjan van Aubel’s latest solar artwork. Inspired by the ancient Egyptian sun god Ra, who was seen as the creator of the sun, the work is powered by sunlight. Ra turns solar energy into a form of art. Its vibrant coloured solar cells capture sunlight, harvest it locally and make the integrated light shine in the evening.

Ra is using the latest technology to transform solar, usually seen as something technical, into beauty and poetry. Just as stained glass windows in churches used to tell stories of the past, this series tells the story of our future. It will be a post-fossil future where we turn to the power of the sun - our infinite energy source that powers all life on earth. It is a story of hope, where we will look up to the sky instead of digging down into the ground.

Ra uses organic Photovoltaics, a third-generation solar technology that is printed on PET and that is produced in a circular manner. The energy captured by Ra is stored in an integrated battery that powers an electroluminescent paper, making the work less than 1mm thin. You can hang Ra in your window where it will work with your natural surroundings as the colours change throughout the day, depending on the position of the sun. The bright graphic patterns create a moiré effect that casts vivid coloured shadows into the space. In the evening, a glowing ring proudly displays its captured energy in the form of light.

Designer image

Marjan van Aubel is an award-winning solar designer whose innovative practice spans the fields of sustainability, design and technology. 
In collaboration with scientists, engineers and institutions such as Swarovski and ECN.TNO, the Dutch Energy Centre, van Aubel works to promote extreme energy efficiency through intelligent design. From working with expandable materials, to domestically integrating solar cells that mimic the process of photosynthesis in plants, she adds a double function to objects and puts them to work: A table is not just a table, but also a producer of electricity. Through her practice, she strives to redefine our current relationship with solar technology and accelerate its transition to ubiquity.

Graduating from the Royal College of Art (Design Products MA) in 2012 and the Rietveld Academy DesignLAB (BA) in 2009, van Aubel has since exhibited at world-class institutions such as the V&A (London), the Design Museum (London) and the Stedelijk Museum (Amsterdam). Her work is also part of the permanent collection at the MoMA in New York, the Vitra Design Museum, Boijmans van Beuningen Museum, The Montreal Museum of Art, and the National Gallery of Victoria in Australia.

In 2020 she won the ECO coin Award by Next Nature Network, in 2019 a Dutch Design Award chosen by the Public and in 2018 the Climate Action Challenge by What Design Can Do. In 2017, Swarovski named Marjan the Designer of the Future, and in 2016 she received WIRED’s Innovation Award, the Wallpaper Design Award and was chosen to be the Radicale Vernieuwer (Radical Pioneer) Netherlands by Neelie Kroes. She received the London Design festival Emerging Talent medal in 2015 and in 2012 she won the First Prize Dutch Material Award.



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