Side Gallery

Side Gallery


Pair of wall sconces model “Corals”
From the “Ore” series
Manufactured by Lukas Saint-Joigny
Produced in exclusive for SIDE GALLERY
Paris, 2020
Various materials and polyurethane resin

66 cm x 30 cm x 73h cm
25,98 in x 11,81 in x 28,74h in

Piece unique

The Ore Collection is a series of different domestic objects that evoke Ore mineral. Throughout different shapes and colors objects look alive.This unusual dynamic aspect created by the shapes and their texture bring you instantly into a fantasy forcing you to let go your imagination

Lukas Saint-Joigny is an experimental designer based in Paris. He graduated from a MA Contextual Design at the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2018.
He has an experimental way of making objects based on an exploration of shapes and materials.
Throughout his «hands-on-process» he likes dealing with color and texture to create intriguing objects that communicate with the user and push him to reflect on the world that surround us.
Greatly inspired by science fiction, comics and sciences such as geology and biology, he doesn’t follow the archetypes of objects but tries to stimulate the imagination. His intention is to focus on the research of a new aesthetic based on the unexpected and the strange.