Side Gallery

Side Gallery


Side table model “Capri”
Manufactured by L’Atelier
Brazil, 1960s
Marble, metal

57 cm x 57 cm x 28h cm
22,44 in x 22,44 in x 11h in

Maria Cecilia Loschiavo dos Santos, Jorge Zalszupin, Design Moderno no Brasil, Éditions Olhares, São Paulo 2014

Jorge Zalszupin collaboration with Oscar Niemeyer, a legend of Brazilian modernism, had a great influence on his aesthetics. He made his way to Brazil at the precise moment when the Brazilian form of modernistic architecture was being shaped by Niemeyer, Le Corbusier, and Lucio Costa. Zalszupin’s furniture fits perfectly with the style of this period in design. In his designs, Zalszupin blends simplicity of form with sensuality.
Materials of the highest quality are the essence of his design practice. With a marble top affixed on thin, exquisitely metal bases, the Capri side table seems to defy the weight of its materiality with its elegantly imposing yet minimal design.

Jorge Zalszupin a native of Warsaw, Poland, studied architecture at Bucharest’s Ecole des Beaux Arts. While working as an architect in Paris, he found inspiration in articles about Brazilians Oscar Niemeyer and Roberto Burle Marx and immigrated to Brazil in 1949. There, he founded L’Atelier in 1959, which would become one of the most important furniture companies in Brazil. Starting as a small workshop where Jorge had brought together a team of highly­skilled craftsmen, L’Atelier soon turned into a power house, with 300 employees at the end of the 1960’s, pioneering use of plywood and chromed metal became the signature of L’Atelier furniture and enabled him to create sensual and elegant pieces that stand as timeless signatures of the Brazilian modernist movement. The company also had an important role in the introduction on the Brazilian market of injection­molded plastic objects.