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Stool model “Karton Hocker 2B”
From the series “Karton”
Manufactured by Illya Goldman Gubin
Germany, 2021
Paper, epoxy resin, fiberglass

43 cm x 43 cm x 43h cm
17 in x 17 in x 17h in

Unique piece

In Karton, a selection of works from Illya Goldman Gubin, we are introduced to a new but familiar path. Extending from his resin experiments allowing fluidity to find form, now this takes the form of utility. Utility in function; resinated cardboard structures are so stiffened that they become the seats we remember as children. Stemming from smaller prototypes accomplished in 2020, these reinforced objects have found structural integrity through serious play. The crushed and hand-formed appearance is something out of a childhood memory. Our past relation with such ever-present material as cardboard, now enters our present again. This cognitive jolt of reminiscence of the familiar is further fortified through Illya’s experimental practice. Resin and fibreglass bring to reality that which before only existed in our youthful imagination. Past day dreams thrust into realities. A seat, a bench, a table; boxes stacked high call for engagement. Hardened by Illya’s signature resin and fibreglass techniques, this cardboard material normally associated with transport and movement now becomes domestically stoic. While staying true to their raw aesthetic, the use or misuse of these implied objects brings new meaning. Where these cardboard parameters once contained and held in, now they support and withstand out. Movement of goods within these boxes now alludes to mental movement and support outward; interior becomes exterior and back again. What we once carried, can now carry us. All that’s remaining from us is a return to the curious mind. Karton is born from remembering this mindset.

Designer image

I G G is a Berlin-based atelier founded by Illya Goldman Gubin. Breaking the binary continuum of thinking and feeling, science and mysticism, and blurring the line between tradition and innovation, handmade and luxury goods, perfection and imperfection, Illya Goldman Gubin‘s installations are emphasizing the complexity of human consciousness in order to unravel a better understanding of the self. Terminologies borrowed from the judaism are pervading the art works, serving a reminiscences to the cultural imprint. Integrating the ethnical designation into the work in new and unexpected ways is the product of a permanently sincere dialog between the past, present and the future. The interference of multi perspectivity combined with self-reflection is thus creating a patchwork of sanity and new realms, merging believes and codes of the past with newly acquired knowledge. Searching for the universal key, each work is timeless - it is a bridge to more knowledge that represents the presence and paradigms. Exploring the ambiguities of modern life, challenged by the rapidly shifting conditions of our period, Illya Goldman Gubin creates multi-layered reflections of everyday perception. The artist transforms paradigms, materials, space, and time into works that invite beholders to reflect and feel. Illya Goldman Gubin captures the moment, which in turn perpetually creates other moments yet to come. The result is a body of works in a constant state of flux, encompassing art and a deeper meaning of existence to gain a complex and fuller understanding of the self, to open minds and hearts and liberate their spirit.



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