Side Gallery

Side Gallery

ICO PARISI (1916–1996)

Pair of wall sconces model “256”
Manufactured by Arteluce
Italy, 1964
Lacquered metal, glass

25,4 cm x 32 cm x 51,7h cm
10 inx 12,6 in x 20,35h in

Domus 1960-1964, Volume V, Fiell and Fiell

With manufacturer´s stamp

Domenico “Ico” Parisi (born September 23, 1916, Palermo, Italy–died December 19, 1996, Como, Italy) was an Italian modernist designer and architect. At a very young age, Ico Parisi moved to Como, where his father worked as an art teacher, and lived there almost all his life. He first studied construction and graduated in 1934, and that same year he started an apprenticeship with the influential Italian Modern Movement architect Giuseppe Terragni, who was also a prominent representative of the 1920s Rationalist architecture movement. Of particular importance in the development of Parisi’s aesthetics was his 1936 participation in a photographic architectural study for the magazine Quadrante of the seminal Italian Modernist building Casa del Fascio, an administrative building in Como designed with a strict rationalist approach by Terragni. The building is considered one of the best examples of International Style architecture and housed the local branch of the National Fascist Party.