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Table Lamp 04
Manufactured by Harvey Bouterse
Antwerp, 2020
Clay, rope shade

41h cm 16,14h in

Unique piece

As Harvey Bouterse delved into the world of ceramic art, after vessels and vases he took the natural step to clay lamps. Creating a series of chic vernacular table lamps, the works combine various glazes, whereby each object has its own unique finish. Renowned for his combination of new and old glazes, Bouterse lamps both exert a glossy and raw exterior. The tightly strung, gently sloped raw silk shades credit the fashion designer turned ceramic artist’s strong material knowledge and talent for material combinations. Cute and compact, tall and elegant, the hand crafted lamps take on their own sculptural shapes, through an organic and intuitive design process. Sometimes being paired with abstract form, adding an additional element of beauty.

Designer image

Harvey Bouterse is a Fashion designer turned ceramic artist who moved from Rotterdam to Antwerp at the age of 18 to work with Wim Neels and Veronique Branquinho. As well as boasting his own label HrVi, he made a name as Senior Designer Womenswear Pre-collection at Jean Paul Gaultier in Paris. From the very beginning, Bouterse sought the thin lines between fashion, design and art and regularly collaborated with artists and designers from different disciplines. By collecting art, he quickly became obsessed with ceramics and not much longer Bouterse began adding sculptures and jewelry of ceramics to his own fashion collection. In 2015 the Antwerp based designer officially moved to ceramics, and has since moved through the field creating several series’ of objects and sculptures. Bouterse never creates sketches or designs, his process is intuitive and organic allowing the objects to take their own shape. The artist combines glazes more commonly used in the 60s and 70s, with new contemporary glazes to create original and surprising effects. Bouterse finds inspiration in innocent and primitive forms, Brutalist architecture and his very own South-American roots.



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