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Side Gallery

GINO SARFATTI (1912-1985)

Floor lamp
Manufactured by ON OFF
Italy, 1960
Painted metal, fluorescent tube

90 cm x 25 cm x 170h cm
35,43 in x 9,84 in x 66,92h in

G. Raimondi, Abitare Italia, Editon Fabbri, modèle reproduit p. 65

From a apartment designed by Sergio Asti in Milano

Rising above the devastation of World War II, post-war Italian design reached new heights of productivity and ingenuity, particularly in the realm of lighting. Gino Sarfatti is among the most celebrated lighting designers from this fruitful period. Before founding his company Arteluce in 1939, Sarfatti studied aeronautical engineering. He brought the inventiveness of a self-taught outsider to the field of lighting design, while his mechanical background lent lightness and ingenuity of construction. Poetic underpinnings are also evident in lamps such as model no. 1034 (sometimes referred to as the “Vine” lamp), which features a nearly 8′ twisting brass stem graced with nine delicate, articulating white shades like buds on a flower.