Side Gallery

Side Gallery


Pair of night stand tables
Manufactured by Unilabor
Brazil, 1956
Jacaranda, formica, and brass handles.

53 cm x 39 cm x 42 h cm
20,8 in x 15,35 in x 16,5 h in.

Unilabor, by Mauro Claro. Brasil, 2004. Senac SP; Arquitetura e Urbanismo edi- tion (2004) Pg 142.

Private collection, Sao Paulo

Gerardo de Barros (Chavantes, 1923 — São Paulo, 1998) studied painting and draw, but due to his restless nature, he played with all the artistic paths. However, he gained his recognition as a photographer, being one of pioneers of the experimental photography in Brazil, becoming one of the main exponents of the Concretism and abstract movements in the Brazilian Avant-garde. As a restless artist, he did important creations for the design world. In 1954 with a Dominican Priest found the Cooperativa Unilabor for the production of furniture, combining the social scene with the design, democratizing patterns for all the social classes. De Barros, designed furniture based on his constructive references related to Concrete Art, being from 1954 to 1961 one of the main furniture designs in São Paulo.