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19 - 27 OCT 2019

Ten years old and still young, Dutch inverts turn to the mother in all forms: the circle, the supreme symbol of unity, perfection and infinity.

In times of division and inequity, the circle stands as an emblem of cooperation and connectivity. We need to re-enter its orbit to find what is fundamental in life. The interpretation of the elementary form pushes each inverted to identify what is essential for them.

During the last ten years we have started curatorial projects with our constantly expanding collective. Exhibitions organized at Milan Design Week and Dutch Design Week have explored relevant topics ranging from mass production and energy consumption to psychology and human identity.

While the tension between the collective and the individual dominated the artistic and public debate, we have embraced cooperation and coexistence. Inverts find their way to handle today's complexity by sharing knowledge and thinking together in constant dialogue.

“In the last 10 years, we have made and produced more than 100 works and 25 exhibitions with more than 80 designers. Going forward, our focus will continue to be an exploration of possible futures to constantly reinvent ourselves and explore new fields of design. "

Wendy Plomp, Founder and Art Director of Dutch Invertuals

The Circle features a selection of pioneering and emerging Dutch Invertuals designers, such as Architects of Identity (Edhv), Daphna Laurens, Raw Color and Martens & Visser, who played a significant role in the genesis of the collective. They embarked on a journey to redesign "The Circle." Presented for the first time in Milan during the Salone del Mobile 2019, The Circle exhibition now travels to Dutch Design Week with new Invertuals joining the fair.