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Unveiled during the London Design Week of 2022, Sabine Marcelis iconic new series “Swivel”, is located as a permeant installation at St Giles square, in London. The collection of 10 rotating marble chairs are scattered in across the square, bringing the public space to life, encouraging the public to discover and interact with contemporary design. The aim of the installation, says Marcelis was to inject the square with colour and movement. ‘It’s a space of transition, with different entrance and exit points connecting the underground, commercial areas, hospitality, as well as historical sites. I wanted to keep that feeling of movement and transition but simultaneously allow a moment of rest and interaction in this square.’ 

The relatively new square sits behind the recently restored Centre Point, a space of transition, whose monochromatic, grey palette inspired Marcelis to experiment with a plethora of colourful marbles. Her chosen palette features a mix of travertines, quartzite and marbles, with colours ranging from green, red, yellow, blue, to purple, each heavily textured. 

This project, as with most of Marcelis’ work, is a celebration of materials. Her career has often created striking colour effects with resin, glass and natural stone, and this time she wanted to respond to the space by injecting colour and fun into the urban environment. Deliberately choosing a natural material in a range of colours, her desire was to create a strong contrast with the surrounding architecture and the man-made material palette.

The seats are presented in pairs and encourage play and interaction. The Dutch designer has created something that is robust and tough but has a movement to it, they are interactive pieces that welcome audiences to decide how they would like to experience the space.

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