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MAY 23 2017 - JUL 28 2017

Known for her material manipulation and her desire to re-create magical moments in nature, RAY is a series of lighting created as a continuation of the designer’s exploration of light and glass. Her receptiveness to glass is due to its manipulability, sharp angular shapes as well as spineless curves can be protracted giving the artist endless scope for form. Moreover, the translucency of the material can be adjusted from sheer transparency to milky or solid opaque finishes. Working in collaboration with industry specialists, Marcelis intervenes in the manufacturing processes using material research and experimentation to achieve new and surprising visual effects, applying a strong aesthetic point of you to the material development processes. The introduction of neon light to her glass creations expresses the relationship between light, color and transparency in a more constant context, that can be controlled creating a fixed result, and the series RAY was an example of the dialogue between these two materials. The series was executed through the creation of coloured glass extrusions with neon tubes weaving in and out, reminiscent of sun rays breaking through clouds.

"The RAY series utilised coloured glass extrusions with neon tubes weaving in and out; Reminiscent of sun rays breaking through clouds"

Underneath the shower of suspended neon rays sat a collection of Marcelis cast resin Candy Cubes. The Candy Cubes are an example of the designer’s complex material investigation; a polyester resin mould is used to cast the piece, followed by an intensive polishing process. The cast resin is light sensitive, as rays shine down onto the solid blocks the edges are illuminated, creating sugar coated sides making the mint green cube seemingly edible. To complete the collection of reflective objects, there were a collection of mirrors on show, complementing the lighting the mirrors were also composed using coloured glass, with a somewhat futuristic feel to them derived from a spectacular gradient surface, a complex effect created by using multiple layers of glass, mirror, and foil.

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