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JUN 26 2019 - JUL 22 2019

The 29 finalists whose works were set amongst the cool satanic stones of Isamu Noguchi’s indoor stone garden, a suitably tranquil setting in which the visitors were able to enjoy the rich diversity of hand-hewn works on display. Among the finalists were two designers represented by Side Gallery: Deloss Webber, a second-generation rattan weaver from America was born in 1951, he spent his childhood in Northern Africa, Spain and the US, where he was exposed to and learned a variety of weaving techniques. For the ensuing 30 years he has channeled these diverse cultural influences and his cumulative handcraft knowledge into mixed-media art that uses stone, wood, found objects, and the most significant material refrain in his work, fiber. In this series of baskets, Webber views his treatment of the stones as an expression of reverence for nature and a celebration of the beauty of his materials. Taking into consideration the individual qualities of each stone, its contours, color, and size, he melds them with his own design of wrapped and woven fibers. He unites the organic with the inorganic to create a new form that is visually compelling but rendered functionally obsolete by the granite stone.

"The final show was a diverse demonstration of contemporary craft taking a myriad of forms"

Berlin based Sophie Rowley was also among the finalists, her playful Khadi Fray textile wall pieces were chosen. ‘Khadi Frays’ is a series of textile wall pieces Sophie Rowley developed during a recent one-year stay in India. They are inspired by the Khadi Spirit, an Indian term which describes the state of illimitable patience. In ‘Khadi Frays’, the repetitive actions of conventional handweaving techniques were reversed. Instead of building up the material thread by thread, a solid block of multiple weaves forms the starting point. Each layer undergoes a carefully calculated destructive process, during which over 10,000 threads are patiently removed, leaving frayed finishes behind. Through eating into these material blocks, multi-dimensional textures are created, gradually dwindling down to the base layer. The differences in weight and tension of the warp and weft lead to subtle variations in shade and dependent upon the perspective angle, reflections on the surfaces occur. Others on display were Youngsoon Lee, Ruudt Peters, Michal Fargo, Masanori Nishikawa and more.

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