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SEP 15 2016 - OCT 10 2016

Side Gallery was established in Barcelona in 2015, the gallery works with international design from the twentieth century as well as representing a number of interesting contemporary designers. The Gallery enjoys combing works from across two centuries, creating interesting dialogues that help us understand and appreciate the development of design.

The gallery has a strong focus on Latin American historical design from countries such as Brasil, Mexico or Venezuela, however they also represent a number of European XX century designers, whose works are essential to history of Modern design. For the contemporary side, the gallery invites international designers to re-think design and handcraft traditions, proposing a dialogue between two centuries to develop limited-edition works, commissioned and produced exclusively.

"Creating interesting dialogues that help us understand and appreciate the development of design"

The gallery tires to approach a new generation of designs born after 1980 in order to promote and explore new ways in the design world, focused on the investigation of materials, forms and techniques.

The Autumn show, Design Dialogues was a perfect example of the galleries navigation through time, displaying bold modernist design pieces such as Mangiarotti’s black and white marble coffee table, alongside Oos&Oos’s similarly striking stool series “Arc”, whereby the use of high-Macs and contemporary technology allowed for the properties of natural stone to curve and arch in ways that was not possible in the 1970s. Another interesting combination of design pieces were the works of Mathieu Mategot alongside those of contemporary sculpture Laurent Lo. Mategot, famous for his ability to create delicate curves and patterns using perforated metal was represented by his lounge chair model “ Copacabana” who’s fluming curves sat underneath Lo Lauret’s carved bamboo mobiles who’s bends curled around the air as they floated delicately in open space of the gallery.

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