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Ojas 12027 MTM Passive 3-Way Speaker
Manufactured by Devon Turnbull
New York, 2023
LF Ojas 414 12", High Frecuency WE 12027 Upgraded Ojas 802G Compression
Driver, Super Tweeter JBL 2405H, Crossover with magnetic volume control.

63,9 x 36,8 x 86,4h cm
25,2 x 14,5 x 34,2h in

More sizes and variations available upon request.

Milan Design Week 2023. Capsule Global, Spazio Maiochi (Milano).

Devon Turnbull, also known as Devon Ojas, started his career in 1999 with a brand that shares his name. His latest project, the Listening Room, was showcased at Milan Design Week 2023. This installation was first exhibited at the Lisson Gallery in New York during the 2022 collective exhibition The odds are good, the goods are odd.

Devon considers his designs to be "sound sculptures" and they are all part of his personal brand, Ojas. His creative influences stem from various artistic movements, including visual arts, fashion design, and urban graffiti. In a Resistor Magazine interview, he revealed that he used to see his visual art and audio work as two separate entities, but now he sees them as one creative vision that has guided him throughout his career.

Devon's travels to Asia and Paris have greatly influenced his creative vision, leading him to create sound sculptures such as his favorite Turntable, the Garrard 301, and other models such as the Rek O Kut, Ortofon RF297, Ortofon RMG309, SME 3012R, Gray 108, and various MC transformers such as the Altec 4722, Altec 15095, Triad HS1, Siemens T 41/15 C, Harman Kardon XT3, and the OJAS Single Ended 2A3 power amplifiers.

All of Devon's creations are deeply rooted in the art of listening, which he learned from his family during childhood meditation sessions. His Listening Rooms aim to democratize good sound and make it accessible to everyone. His meticulous work, not only in the final design but also in the electronic components, ensures a unique listening experience. Now, his sound sculptures marked by pure sound and aesthetic simplicity can also be found at SIDE Gallery.