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Born in Montreal, Willo Perron has gained worldwide recognition for his work as a creative director and designer, specializing in audiovisual content, video production and design. He's known for creating solid concepts and unique realizations that catch the eye. After working at Apple, he founded his company, Willo Perron and Associates. His multidisciplinary studio, Perron-Roettinger, which he co-founded with Brian Roettinger, has worked for brands such as Adidas and Stussy, and their designs have been showcased at numerous international fairs. Recently, their "Sausage" sofa was exhibited at Capsule Global, Spazio Maiocchi during Milan Design Week 2023, alongside Devon Turnbull's work.

Perron's designs are recognized for their use of scale, simplicity of forms and the use of space, which plays a crucial role in shaping the final form of his designs. He has worked on various audiovisual projects for high-profile artists like Kanye West (including the creation of Yeezy Studio and the staging of his live shows), Lady Gaga, and Rihanna, among others. His studio's work is strongly influenced by Bauhaus thinking, approaching each project from a total art perspective, where all disciplines are involved in the final product, from industrial design to marketing.

In 2024, Perron will participate in the World Sports Creativity Sessions program during the Paris Olympic Games, which will reinforce the hybrid vision of design's importance to the progress and influence of the sports industry. Some of Perron's designs, such as the Sausage sofa and the FKA bed, will be part of SIDE Gallery's impressive collection of iconic designs.



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