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Chan Chiao Chun (1984, Taipei) is a visual artist and designer. His intuitive practice is based on the struggles between himself and his surrounding objects. Born in Taiwan, the artist moved to Europe to study and graduate with an MA from the Design Academy of Eindhoven. Over these years, he has developed a practice that allows him to explore interactions between human activity and its environments. The transformation from form to function in the contemporary design context and the unlimited self-interpretations of his visual diary play an active role in his design process. He produces a self-portrait drawing every day. He avails of color pigmentations, photographs, and raw materials are applied in his daily imageries. These self-portraits act as an autobiography that weaves a stream of incremental changes together. Chiao chooses to be an everyday creator, dealing with a state of uncertainty rather than perceptions and consciousness. He builds up a framework that thrives itself, and the attributes of its prosperity are hardly definable.

Chiao doesn't conform to conventional design discourse. His work displays a new language that can influence human behaviours and forms in different spaces. His apparent interest in hylomorphism is visible in his delicate approach to matter and form. He prefers to relate his mind to surrealistic scenarios constantly. Through this, he is compounding the richness of individuality.