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Adam Knoche (b.1986) is an American ceramic artist. He received his BFA in Studio Art at Ball State University, in 2010 and his MFA degree from Southern Illinois University of Edwardsville in 2014. Adam began his career at Greenwich House Pottery in New York City where he was employed as Studio and Fabrications Manager, he has since opened his own studio practice in Mckinney, TX.

The artist’s approach to creating ceramics is derived from materiality, experimentation, memories, and travel. He employs both traditional methods of making ceramics and non-traditional methods that he has researched and developed over the years of working in clay. Knoche is captivated by the color, texture and sensation that clay offers, fascinated by the power it has to be flimsy and engraved by the marks that time or circumstances have ingested into it. The clay is able to capture the movement of the artist's hands, giving it shape and life, as opposed to being transformed into a hard and sturdy structure, the result can be an extremely vulnerable composition that can be easily broken. Knoche emphasises the broken or fractured, and rather than seeing it as a mistake, he subverts it so that the clay is manipulated in a way that accentuates these flaws through the use of pulverizing clay into powder to create fractured and raw surfaces. This is a new technique that gives his work a unique and authentic aesthetic. The artist believes this visual element gives a sense of introspection to those who approach his work.

Adam’s process of working stems from a decade of research, continuous development and experimentation; his most recent collection developed in the early months of 2022 accesses the voice of ceramic material with a new method of research that focuses on raw, pulverized ceramics. The process is the culmination of decades of ongoing research to explore the boundaries of alchemy with dry ceramic materials as an art form.

The “Bleached” series , designed for the Texas based ceramic artists first European solo show at Side Gallery, is a series created as an abstraction of Knoche’s perception of contemporary culture. The notion of “denaturing” and our desire to create order and subdue our environment contradicts the very rationale of our existence.

“I derive my conceptual ideas from environmental and political landscapes and respond to my surroundings in whichever setting I find myself in, both physically and mentally.”

To bleach, literally denatures life and living organisms and creates sterility which is far removed from the wild and natural design of our environment. The series shows raw, vulnerable, and exposed surfaces. Cracks, fissures, and the broken are celebrated as imperfect and organic. Drippy glazes and heavy texture give the viewer a tactile experience that is lost in most of our daily encounters.

Over the last decade Knoche has participated in a number of group shows and has represented the United States at the Korean International Ceramic Biennale and at the Annual exhibition at the National Council of Educators on the Ceramic Arts Conference and has been featured in a long list of publications such as Art Ascent Magazine, Ceramics Monthly, Ceramics NOW, Studio Potter, Architectural Digest, Journal of Australian Ceramics. He has been awarded the Emerging artist in Ceramics Monthly award.