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Dining chair 02
From series Hi!breed Chair.
Manufactured by Charlotte Kingsnorth.
Exclusively for Side Gallery.
United Kingdom, 2023
Repaired Ercol chair frame with biomorphic upholstery and hand stitched faux fur.

55 x 65 x 90h cm
21,7 x 25,6 x 35,4h in

Unique piece

Global Tools, 11th May - 14th July 2023, Side Gallery, Barcelona

The Hi!breed collection explores the personification of old chair frames with a sense of a life before. Kingsnorth finds inspiration in working with chairs that have been abandoned or are in need of repair.
She moulds the foam directly around the frames in an intuitive lead process of addition and subtraction, physically sculpting out a character and rearranging new body parts in what appears to be an anthropomorphic happening. Each chair is encased in textile, selected and hand stitched or formed to exude the character it has become.

Designer image

Charlotte Kingsnorth makes work that welds functionality with sculpture. There are no limitations in terms of scale, material or process, instead her work embraces a marriage of industrial and artisan techniques, often weaving in pre-existing objects. She is interested in anthropomorphic forms and carves personality into the materials she uses.

Kingsnorth is a graduate of the Royal College of Art's design products programme and runs a London-based practice, working with private clients, galleries, brands and global institutions, including The Bill Gates Foundation, Fendi, ByFar, SHOWstudio, Saatchi, Christies, The Crafts Council, The V&A, Holon Design Museum in Israel, the Triennale Design Museum in Milan. She has shown in design fairs at Nomad in Monaco, St. Moritz and Capri, Design Miami, New York, London, Paris and Milan, and has works in the permanent collection at Turkey's Odunpazari Modern Museum.



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