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Lamp model "Falkland"
Manufactured by Danese
Italy, 1964
Metal, Elastic fabric

Ø 40 x 150h cm
Ø 15,7 x 59,1h in

G. Gramigna, Repertorio del design italiano 1950-2000.
Per l'arredamento domestico, Allemandi & C., Torino, 2003, p. 113.
A.Bassi, Italian lighting design 1945-2000, Electa, 2004, p. 100-101.

Bruno Munari (b. 1907, Milan, Italy - d. 1998, Milan, Italy) was an influential Italian artist, designer, and writer, known for his innovative contributions to various creative fields, including furniture design.

Munari's interest in design and art flourished from an early age. He studied art at the Brera Academy in Milan, where he developed a keen eye for aesthetics and a deep understanding of materials and craftsmanship.

In the 1930s, Munari emerged as a prominent figure in the Italian Futurist movement, which advocated for the integration of art and technology. He explored the possibilities of design in various mediums, including painting, sculpture, and graphic design. Munari's experimental approach to design, characterized by simplicity, functionality, and visual impact, gained him international recognition.

In the realm of furniture design, Munari's creations were marked by their innovative forms and materials. He sought to break away from traditional design conventions, embracing unconventional materials and employing imaginative shapes and structures. Munari's furniture designs reflected his belief in the importance of engaging the viewer's senses and stimulating their interaction with the objects.

Throughout his career, Munari collaborated with renowned manufacturers and architects, including his influential partnership with Angelo Marelli. Together, they created groundbreaking furniture designs that blurred the boundaries between art and design.

In addition to his design work, Munari also authored numerous books on art, design, and visual communication, showcasing his deep knowledge and passion for creative exploration.

Bruno Munari's impact on the world of furniture design and his multidisciplinary approach continue to inspire contemporary designers.



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