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BRANCO & PRETO (Miguel Forte, Jacob Ruchti, Plinio Groce, Roberta Aflalo, Carlos Millan & Che Y Hwa)

Sofa model “M1”
Manufactured by Mahlmeister & Cia
Brazil, 1955
Caviuna, upholstery

200 cm x 75 cm x 71,5h cm (40 cm seat height)
78,75 in x 29,53 in x 28,15h in (15,75 in seat height)

Manufacturer´s label.

Branco e Preto: Uma história de design brasileiro nos anos 50, Marlene Milan Acayaba, Instituto Lina Bo e Pietro Maria Bardi, 1994
Branco e Preto, Marcelo Aflalo, Paralaxe editora, 2005

In 1952, it was founded in São Paulo Branco and Preto, a mixture of shop and studio considered by many to be one of the first design shops in the country. Its creators, Jacob Ruchti, Miguel Forte, Plínio Croce, Roberto Aflalo, Carlos Milan and Chen Y Hwa, were among the greatest and most celebrated architects of the time. Thus, the furniture created by them, in the beginning, was, in Fort’s words, “connected with the intentions and needs of the architect”.
The brand invested in sober, well defined and light lines and, especially, in the innovative material for the time: laminated wood, welded iron and plastic. The upholstery fabric was especially important. As the store never had industrial production, always betting on the handcrafted execution, the pieces are now considered rare and quite valuable. The most famous are the MF5 armchair, designed by Millan and Forte; the armchair R3, designed by Ruchti; and the sofa M3, designed by Millan, all of the 1950s.