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‘Departure’ Table
From the series “Paraffins”
Manufactured by Andrés Izquierdo
Produce for Side Gallery
Madrid, Spain, 2021
Paraffin, steel, polyurethane, synthetic varnish, wicks

150 cm x 150 cm x 110h cm
59 in x 59 in x 43,3h in

Unique piece

This new body of work titled after the thick coatings Izquierdo applies to create solid and functional structures addresses themes related to memory, forgiveness, death, decay or transformation.Conceived as embalmed or magically self-generated relics, as if their true nature was waiting to bloom out of a pollen cocoon, Izquierdo aims to bury with layers of paraffin any clue that could give this objects an inception and a context. Therefore the 'Paraffins' reveal themselves as intimate reveries or memory flaws generated or trapped in the mind of the viewer.As if drawn in the space by a sorcerer the 'Paraffins' emerge out of symbolic and ritualistic meaning whilst the entropic and corrosive quality of the melted paraffin counterweights this depiction of the series as fantastic portals to the unknown by pointing towards notions of toxicity, invasion and devastation.

Designer image

Andrés Izquierdo (b.1993) is an artist and designer living and working in Madrid. Izquierdo disfigures, mutates, and weaves together an amalgam of fiction, phenomenons, superstitions, myths, or reveries. By twisting them and forcing them to merge on the same landscape, he builds autonomous narratives which break out of his domain. His creative process leans on visions or revelations rather than on intellect or academia. He sees the studio as a sacred place for objects to emerge in the manner of rituals and invocations.

His work explores conflicting physical and philosophical conditions such as divine and perverse, artificial and self-generated, baroque and minimalist, or abstract and hyper-realistic. The results of his investigations conclude in the form of sculptures, functional objects, scenographies, architectures, and immersive installations where spiritual and metaphysical questions raised through perception and illusion discuss the nature of earthly notions such as faith, guilt, time, violence, and awareness.



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