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Side Gallery


Ceramic model “Spring”
Manufactured by Sangwoo Kim
France, 2017

39 cm x 24.5 cm x 21 h cm.
15,3 in x 9,6 in x 8,2 h in.

Unique piece

“In Korea, I had two years’ experience of physical labour and
technical practice in a local pottery, making traditional Korean
onggi jars. I still use this skill in my latest ceramic sculptural
work and am inspired by the round shapes, that symbolise the
ideal state of nature. I build simple shapes that open doors
to contemplation and imagination. The polished naked clay
communicates tactile properties and the addition of colours
influences the perception of my work. The glossy surface has
a haptic effect that encourages the viewer to approach and touch.
I hope to awaken the senses by reinterpreting the traditions of my