Side Gallery

Side Gallery


Chair model “Metate II”
From Tripod Series
Manufactured by Pedro Reyes
Mexico, 2018
Volcanic stone

45 cm x 58 cm x 79h cm
17,71 in x 27,51h in

Tripod Series is based in Mexican tribal objects. Most pottery and stone artefacts from pre columbian times had three legs. Unless you had an even surface as a floor, one leg would be loose, and great stability was needed. Reyes takes this principle into these modern designs.
The material Reyes employs in these sculptures further the careful attention to ancestry. Volcanic stone is an integral role in the shaping of Mexico’s landscape and its deep connection to the diet of its inhabitants, used for millennia to grind corn in metates and molcajetes, the traditional Mexican version of the mortar and pestle.

Pedro Reyes (b. 1972, Mexico City) has won international attention for large-scale projects that address current social and political issues. Through a varied practice utilizing sculpture, performance, video, and activism, Reyes explores the power of individual and collective organization to incite change through communica- tion, creativity, happiness, and humor.