Side Gallery

Side Gallery


Ceramic model ”Red Black Relieve”
Manufactured by Aneta Regel
Stoneware and glaze

58 cm x 61 cm x 41 h cm.
23 in x 24 in x 16,2 h in.

Unique piece

Aneta Regel (b. 1976) graduated from the Royal College in
2006, since then she has positioned herself as a rare talent.
She looks not for function but to capture the forms and rhythms
of nature that evoke to the landscapes of her native northern
Poland. She uses clay as her medium to create abstract sculptures
usually unglazed but partly coloured to create a dramatic effect,
each piece is repeatedly dried and re-fired resulting on a constant
metamorphosis. In addition, she often uses volcanic rock, granite or
basalt as the body of her pieces giving them structure, texture and
great visual complexity. Her work is somehow eccentric and refreshing,
leaving space for the viewer’s imagination.