Side Gallery

Side Gallery




Ceiling lamp
From the series "Dual lamp"
Manufactured by Willem van Hooff
Produced in exclusive for Side Gallery
Holland, 2021
Air dry clay, epoxy clay

90 cm diameter x 45 cm height
35,43 in diameter x 17,71 in height

Unique Piece

Created exclusively for Side Gallery, during the existence of the COVID 19, Willem desired to design something new, something physical, far away from our intense digital backdrop of the previous twelve months. His process began with an experimentation of industrial epoxy clay, using the same spontaneous architectural techniques as his vases, he began applying multiple layers of differing shades of clay. Initially the layering of clay was just for strength, but the process became aesthetic. Once the clay dried, Van Hooff began sanding the clay, when a pattern began to form, an uncontrolled organic print casing the surface of the lamps as the layers of clay began to reveal themselves, creating a naturally textured design.

Designer image

Willem van Hooff (b. 1992,Holland) sees himself as a 2021 variant of the former craftsman. After graduating from the Design Academy in Eindhoven in 2018, he began to run his own design studio continuing to live and work in Eindhoven. Working with his hands, or by means of primitive techniques his style is raw. Often revisiting old or existing products, machines and techniques with a naive perspective, he rescues the past, creating new and exciting applications giving the materials or processes a new future.

At odds with the apparent perfection of mass production, Van Hooff concludes that products no longer have a soul, an aspect to his work he perceives as essential. Amid the current corona virus, the modern craftsman believes new feelings have a arisen, the intimacy of the pandemic has shone a new light on the small things in life, and the value of their soul.