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Side Gallery


Stool series “Arc”.
Manufactured by Oos & Oos
Eindhoven-The netherlands, 2015

39,4 cm x 32 cm x 40h cm.
15,51 in x 12,6 in x 15,74h in.

Naturally formed stone is not malleable or pourable so only through the removal of material one can create forms. The use of Hi-Macs material allows for the same properties of stone because it is just that, but then ground with a binding medium that makes it possible when warmed to bent and being able to do things natural stone cannot. !In the Arc stools, two common radiuses are the basic element, the interchangeable parts lead to the different designs. An arc is a self-supporting element and therefor is inherently stable, the Arc bench and stools make good use of this trait which allows for the simple and slender shapes.

L´Arc series was introduced in the show «Eat me. Drink me. Tell me that you love me» curated by Wallpaper* magazine during Salone del Mobile in April 2015.