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NEBIL ZAMAN ( 1985 -)

Coffee Table Model 1
Manufactured by Nebil Zaman
Produced for Side Gallery
Oslo, Norway, 2021
Plaster, resin, fibre sheet,

180 cm x 90 cm x 40h cm
70,86 in x 135,43 in x 15,74 in

Unique piece

Nebil Zaman used his background in traditional woodworking and furniture design, fusing it with his fascination and interest for architecture, art and technology to inform his works. His latest series produced specially for Side Gallery are two low tables made with 2 mm fibre board and a special acrylic plaster. Emphasis is placed on material and texture and the technique is a continuation of producing objects that Zaman developed as a student.

Zaman is most intrigues by the materiality of plaster, it provides a sense of freedom in loosing control of the final outcome. While there is extreme precision in the digital fabrication techniques to create the armature the addition of plaster to the process provides an organic element of expression and randomness.

    Designer image

    Zaman's artistic practice focuses on his interest in furniture and objects in the private and public space. Based on his upbringing and experiences, he explores how our surroundings affect us socially and culturally. With an education in advertising, furniture crafts, and design, Zaman's interest in materials, production techniques, and visual languages are visible in his work. Throughout his career, he deals with function, form, identity, and visual culture.