Side Gallery

Side Gallery


Manufactured by Muller Van Severen
Barcelona, 2019
Lacquered steel

200 cm x 50 x 90h cm
78,74 in x 19,68 in x 35,43h in

Limited edition of 7 + 1AP

Visual artists Fien Muller and Hannes Van Severen make their debut as designer duo Muller Van Severen in 2011. The duo explores the boundaries between art and design in a contemporary and innovative way and adopts an inventive, imaginative approach to functionality. They are constantly looking for new ways to make furniture more interesting from a sculptural point of view, without losing track of its functionality. They succeed wonderfully in adding a very personal, fresh new touch to major historical art and design movements.
Their oeuvre is characterised by an exciting tension between austerity and extravagance, lightness and heaviness, severity and playfulness, delicacy and sturdiness. Their fascination for materials, their sense of colour and proportions, their af nity with architectural space and their focus on the sculptural form all help create a fascinating universe. They eagerly follow their own path and experiment with new ways of using furniture, averse to fashions and trends, thus designing uniquefunctional landscapes for living, permeated by poetry, imagination and aesthetics.