Side Gallery

Side Gallery


From the “Nansa” series
Manufactured by Mónica Guilera Subirana
Produced in exclusive for SIDE GALLERY
Villanova i la Geltrú (Catalonia), 2020
Willow with wooden handle

Different measurements

Over thousands of years a special fisherman’s basket making technique ‘Nansa’ has evolved around the shores of the Mediterranean. Combining ridged and flexible elements in an unusual triangular structure this technique was used to create a variety of fish traps and baskets according to the local catch and the fisherman’s specific needs. Monica has learnt and adapted this technique, traditionally used in her hometown until relatively recently, to create contemporary baskets that combine non-traditional materials with an exploration of colour, volume and texture for everyday use and home decoration.

Monica Guilera is a basket maker based in Villanova i la Geltrú , she learnt basketmaking in the Catalan tradition combing willow and split European cane; with over 16 years of making and teaching experience she has wide repertoire and enjoys designing contemporary functional baskets. One of Monica’s specialties is the Nasa Fishtrap technique that has been used by fishermen around the Mediterranean since ancient times, with deep roots and a modern sensibility Monica’s works explores colour form and pattern ideal for the contemporary home. Monica has received serval prizes for her work both in Spain and the UK and exhibits and sells her work internationally.