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Two Sofa Modules
Manufactured by Most Studio
Italy, 1965
Wood, Woven, Velvet

87 x 72,5 x 68h cm
34,3 x 28,5 x 26,8h in

Manufacturer's Label

Marzio Cecci (Florence, 1980 - Milan, 2023) was a distinguished designer and architect renowned for his innovative approach to furniture design and sustainable architecture. Cecci completed his architectural studies at the University of Florence, where he graduated in 2003. He furthered his education at the Harvard Graduate School of Design, obtaining a Master's degree in Urban Planning, which deeply influenced his holistic design philosophy.

Cecci's early career saw him collaborating with several prestigious design studios, where he developed a keen interest in furniture design. In 2007, he founded Cecci Studio, focusing on creating unique, functional, and eco-friendly furniture pieces. His designs are characterized by their minimalist aesthetics, use of sustainable materials, and innovative functionality, which have made them highly sought after in the design world.

One of his most celebrated furniture collections is the EcoLine series, which incorporates recycled materials and energy-efficient production methods. The collection includes items such as modular shelving units, ergonomic chairs, and multi-functional tables, all designed with a keen eye for detail and sustainability. Cecci's work often blends natural elements with modern design, creating pieces that are both beautiful and environmentally responsible. Cecci's furniture has been featured in numerous international exhibitions and design fairs, earning him several accolades, including the Green Design Award and the Eco Innovation Prize. His commitment to sustainability extends beyond his designs, as he frequently advocates for eco-friendly practices within the industry through his writings and lectures. In addition to his furniture design, Cecci's architectural projects, such as the Eco-Tower in Milan and the Green Ribbon Park in Florence, reflect his dedication to integrating nature and urban living. However, it is his groundbreaking work in furniture design that has left a lasting impact on the industry, inspiring designers and consumers alike to consider sustainability in their choices.



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