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LINA BO BARDI (1914-1992)

Pair of chairs model “Bola”
Manufactured by Nucleo Otto
Brasil, 1980 (designed in Brasil, 1951)
Painted tubular metal structure, hand-stitched leather, brass, and string

71 cm x 84 cm 79h cm.
28 in x 33 in x 31h in.

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Brazilian private collector

Lina Bo Bardi was born in 1924, and was one of the most important and expressive architects of 20th century of Brazilian architecture. Born in Italy as Lina Achillina Bo, she studied architecture at the University of Rome, moving to Milan after graduation. In Milan, Bo Bardi collaborated with Gio Ponti and later become editor of the magazine Quiaderni di Domus. As a member of the Italian Communist Party, she met the critic and art historian Pietro Maria Bardi, with whom she would move permanently to Brazil where they co-founded the influential art magazine Habitat which referenced Bardi’s conceptualization of the ideal interior as a “habitat” designed to maximize human potential.