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LE CORBUSIER (1887 – 1965)
Charles Édouard Jeanneret-Gris

Manufactured by Le Corbusier
Oak veneered wood, oak, painted wood

Unite d’Habitation. Marseille, 1946 – 1952.

25 cm x 210 cm x 90h cm
9,84 in x 82,67 in x 35,42h in.

Allen Brooks,ed. The Corbusier Archive, New York/Paris, 1982 – 1984,vol. 17, p. 60

Charles-Edouard Jeanneret Swiss architect who was one of the protagonists of international architectural renaissance of the twentieth century. Besides being one of the greatest innovators of modern architecture, it was a tireless cultural agitator, work that exerted with passion throughout his life. With his writings he gained a deserved reputation as polemicist and provided a real flow of innovative ideas that have made his work a decisive influence on later architecture.

Le Corbusier’s utopia was to create a new urban reality, a city that was a synthesis between nature and technology development. For this purpose, architecture and urbanism they should be fully integrated.